Herb Zenodo

This site is a wrapper around the specimens that have been placed in the Zenodo Community "Herbaria Mundi". It is does not have a user interface beyond this page and a simple rendering of each specimen. It exists to provide web service wrappers around the Zenodo data so that the specimens can appear in Herbaria Mundi and be consumed by other systems. To search for and manipulate specimens please use Herbaria Mundi.


It provides CETAF ID compatible semantic web URIs for specimens. These take the form the Zendodo DOI prepended by https://data.herbariamundi.org/ e.g.


As per good semantic web practice when these URIs are resolved (a.k.a.dereferenced) a process of content negotiation is results in a 303 redirect to either a simple, human readable HTML landing page or an RDF rendition of the data.

IIIF for Images

An International Image Interoperability Framework manifest is provided for each specimen. The manifest contains metadata from the specimen and references the images of the specimen. The manifest URIs take the form:


An image service allows the images to be viewed at different resolutions and zoomed.


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This facility is hosted by the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.
For support please contact Roger Hyam.