Implementation of HTTP URIs for specimens is, by its nature, decentralised so it is difficult to give a single point of contact.

If you need help implementing URIs for your collection or have comments about this service or CSPP you could contact Anton or Roger in the first instance or approach one of the institutions that already has URIs for their specimens.

Anton Güntsch

Anton is chair of Information Science and Technology Commission (ISTC) of the Consortium of European Taxonomic Facilities (CETAF) and is based at BGBM Berlin.

Dominik Röpert

Dominik is Coordinator Internal Information Systems at BGBM Berlin one of the early implementers of specime URIs.

Gregor Hagedorn

Gregor manages the research centre for Digital World and Information Sciences at MfN Berlin and has a long standing interest in data exchange standards.

Roger Hyam

Roger has been involved in biodiversity identifiers for too long. He developed this service and maintains the URI implementation at RBG Edinburgh.